Flash Fiction: 100 Words

Flash fiction is usually 1,000 words. Another blog challenged writers to do a story in 100 words. No more. Thought I would give it a shot.

The trembling beneath them stopped, not because the dragon was dead, but because it was airborne.

Suddenly, thousands of tiny icicles sprayed out like darts towards the intruders.

“Icewyvern!”, Goran yelled at his companion furiously paging through a spellbook.

The mage jumped up, stuck out his staff and quickly mumbled something.

Just as the furious creature turned around towards him, huge stalactites from the ceiling broke off and brought down the monster with the sound of a thousand trees falling.

“Let’s hope that didn’t wake up every other Icewyvern in Ves’ana”, Derran said, and they continued on their mission.

Flash Fiction: 100 Words

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